We refine our design to maximise the use of space on-board platforms and vessels whilst providing occupants with aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environments and surroundings for the duration of their stay. The versatility of using High Pressure Laminate Compact (HPL-Compact) with aluminium profiles can provide each cabin with their own set up to suit the individual / team of users.

We can provide single and double bunks, with the addition of our pullman bunk; complete with self-supporting structure that requires no additional strengthening to the cabin walls. To offer a third occupant (on an alternative shift pattern) using the same double bunk footprint, we can provide a swivel / rotating bunk with an independent mattress and bedding.

To complete your installation, Geschwender also provide curtains, mattresses, and any other associated products to complete your cabin to the design chosen by you.

Pullman Bunk

With its completely self-supporting structure, our Pullman bunk requires no additional strengthening to the cabin walls. The benefit of this is that it can be installed in both new builds and retrofitted into existing cabins regardless of their wall makeup. The Pullman bunk can be mounted at a traditional height to allow two users to use simultaneously or just above the lower bunk in a ‘1+1’ format to provide two separate lower level bunks.

Swivel Bunk

Within the footprint of a normal bunk, our Swivel Bunk will increase your Persons On Board (POD) by 50%! Available in both single and double bunk formats, the lower bunk consists of two bunks mounted back-to-back on a swivel mechanism, allowing the additional bunk to breathe as the adjacent bunk is being used. Ideal for alternative shift pattern work, the additional bunk is hidden from view, providing the feeling of the users own space which can then be changed as required for the second user to occupy.

CABIN Page Swivel Strip 1920 Wide