Global leaders in offshore accommodation furniture

The name Geschwender is known throughout the world, predominately for our offshore cabin furniture. Our product’s core material: High Pressure Laminate Compact (HPL-Compact) stands apart from our competitors’ due to its strength, durability and resistance to fire and water amongst its other inherent properties. This provides our clients with IMO / NORSOK marine furniture that has a guarantee of 10 years and a life expectancy in excess of 30-40 years!

Leading Manufacturer of Offshore Living Accommodation Furniture
Variety of Sectors
25 Years of Experience
Bespoke Solutions

Key features of Geschwender HPL-Compact material:

Fire Resistant
Water Resistant
Acid Resistant
Alkali Resistant
Scratch Resistant
Shock Resistant

Designed for Functionality

Bespoke fitted furniture that is strong, robust, and designed to your corporate brand or design. We incorporate a functional product that addresses both the practical aspect and ensuring health and safety measures through clever design detailing. This provides our customers with a worry-free user experience.

Designed for Strength

Our Pullman bunk design provides a great example of strength with its completely self-supporting style with no structural wall reinforcement required. This can be installed into any new build or retrofitted into any existing cabin.

Designed for Durability

Our fitted products come with a 10-year guarantee with a life expectancy in excess of 30-40 years. All products are manufactured using  our HPL-Compact  board and our own bespoke aluminium profile system to provide the durability required for demanding, heavy use areas.

Designed for You

Each project we undertake is tailored to you, our client, and your brief. We can work to specific regulations, styles and size requirements, utilising clever design to incorporate lighting and services where required. Subtle use of layers and routering can be included to add depth to designs; allowing clients to brand their interiors with their logos or aspirations.

Every Geschwender product is an accumulation of our Wealth of experience,
Research and Design, hidden behind its simple appearance.

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Sao Vang & Dai Nguyet (SVDN) Platform

The recommendation and impressive reputation of Geschwender’s fitted furniture proved to be accurate; from the level of design and detail in their drawings to the execution of their factory mock-ups and final installations on site.

Their specification and evaluation procedures were very effective, resulting in an installation process that was both smooth and efficient. Having been awarded four packages of the living quarters furniture; the cabins, dining areas, loose items and toilet areas, the quality and standard of finish throughout was excellent. This highlighted the spread of different areas their fitted furniture system can achieve; from their clever integration of services within dining servery units to their self-supporting Pullman bunk beds, with continuity of design throughout.

Topside Construction Supervisor

Stena Spey Platform

Having used Geschwender furniture on a number of projects over the years, I have found it to be extremely versatile in relation to design and installation, resulting in a great looking end product once installed.

The team at Geschwender are great to work with and interms of the Stena Spey, assisted my team and I in producing a bench mark in offshore furniture design for offshore living quarters.

Engineering Director

Platong Gas II Development

When our project team received bids for fixed furniture designed for a twenty-five year offshore design life, we were impressed by Geschwender's track record, the longevity of the product history and detail development over thirty years. They worked with us in the execution phase to tailor design to constructability, reduce costs and seamlessly and safely installed the furniture as an integrated part of the serviced cabins, offices, locker rooms, public areas and sky lounge. It is functioning exceptionally well in service.

Geschwender Interiors have developed an impressive range of office and recreational area furniture...and were able to provide furniture that fulfilled our design intent, ergonomic requirements and our design life requirements for marine and offshore use.

Lead Architect

Environmental aspects

At Geschwender our environmental responsibilities are very important to us.

Our HPL-Compact is manufactured from raw materials which have already been through the recycling process. Our aluminium profiles continue this benefit. As one of the top recyclable materials, aluminium is reprocessed over and over again with up to 95% less energy being consumed versus first generation manufacturing.

With every element CNC manufactured for maximum efficiency, waste and weight are kept to a minimum. Waste cuttings are used to fuel our factories heating system and less weight results in less energy required to deliver our product to site.

Our products are designed for a life expectancy in excess of 30-40 years; the domino-effect of removing the need to refurbish results in a major carbon footprint reduction through the product’s lifecycle.

Our environmental plan is outlined in our ISO 14001 alongside our ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 45001 incorporating SIIP for health and safety.